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{Click here to access and print my Calendar Task Card Activity Packet}
A calendar board in the classroom is a wonderful way to add in additional math practice on a daily basis. Establishing routines is key. When I began teaching in Florida (pause for fond memories of teaching in sundresses and sandals year round....), I was trained by the creator of Everyday Counts. I really liked the program because it incorporated time, money, patterns, geometry, and so much more into a short daily routine.
When I moved back to MA, my new school didn't use it, but I was able to use some of the same concepts in my own calendar routine. Best of all, I was able to customize the calendar area my own way.
Click here to access and print my Calendar Task Card Activity Packet}
Click here to access and print my Calendar Task Card Activity Packet}
Click here to access and print my Calendar Task Card Activity Packet}
When creating a calendar board you first need to decide where to house it. Ideally, it should be accessible from your whole class meeting area so that you can use it as a daily teaching tool. I know some may have visions of "calendar time" being strictly a primary experience, but upper elementary can benefit from it too. It doesn't need to be about, "Today is..., yesterday was... and tomorrow will be..."

I know that calendar concepts often come up on standardized tests. They are asked questions like, "Juan's birthday is in 2 weeks and 6 days. What is the date of his birthday." This isn't something that is taught in our curriculum directly so adding in a question or two like this each morning during group time is a nice way to cover it. 
Click here to access and print my Calendar Task Card Activity Packet}

I've gathered some resources to help you plan out your calendar board. I suggest you start by making a list of components you want to include. Next measure the space you have to put everything. Finally, sketch it out on paper and then make it a reality.

I just released a Calendar Task Card and Activities Kit on Teachers Pay Teachers:
It includes 24 task cards that can be used over and over throughout the year. You can include it as part of a morning calendar routine or as a math center. Younger learners can answer the prompts verbally while older learners can respond in writing using complete sentences.

In addition to the 24 task cards, there are 2 activity pages. The first is to be completed monthly and has lines for primary and intermediate students. The second could be used daily and includes a variety of math skill practice including tallies, money. computation and place value in addition to calendar skills. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE IT.

Math Wire (great resource btw) has a page that compiles lots of ideas with links and pics.
Chalk Ink pen? Um, yes please!

The bold and bright calendar below is from Mama Jenn. Be sure to check out the calendar notebook link on her page.

This site offers a tutorial on how to make a calendar with your kids. I love how bright and colorful it is.

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