Classroom Management Series - Morning Soundtrack

Today is the first post from the Classroom Management Series. My Teaching Procedures & Routines Workbook provides a comprehensive list of procedures and routines you'll want to plan for, graphic organizers to assist you in mapping out how you'll run your classroom, detailed steps for executing them and making them second nature with your students and a cover for your classroom procedure manual. Throughout this series I'll be explaining the procedures and routines that I use to manage my classroom.
This week I'll be writing about my morning routines. I'll cover things like attendance, lunch count, communication folders and all that good stuff. It's a challenge to get those things done when you have 23 little people wandering around and getting settled.
My answer to that was...
The Morning Soundtrack
There is always a buzz at the start of the day. Students have to put things away. They want to share stories with you. They have tasks to complete to be ready to learn. It can be chaotic. A few years ago I came up with an idea to “calm the chaos” and it has worked great! I have a “morning soundtrack.” As the children enter the classroom, I start the song. They have until the song ends to complete the process of unpacking and getting settled. They become familiar with the songs and anticipate how much time they have. This allows them to pace themselves and our day gets started in a very timely manner. I selected upbeat songs that appeal to kids and are “classroom appropriate.” I bought all the songs through itunes. My “morning soundtrack” includes the following songs (which you can find on youtube if you want to hear them) :
  • Pumpin’ Up the Party - Hannah Montana
  • Start the Party - Camp Rock Soundtrack
  • We Rock - Camp Rock Soundtrack
  • We’re All in This Together - High School Musical Soundtrack
  • Celebrate You - Corbin Bleu
I play a different one each day of the week. They are fun, upbeat, kid-appropriate and provide just enough time to take care of business and get settled.


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