Frugal Finds: FREE boxes in your school supply aisle.

I love me some Target any time of the year.

But, if I'm being honest, I must say that I get an extra rush of adrenaline when their seasonal display is transformed into a mecca of shiny notebooks, perfectly pointy crayons, and markers that are ready to perform in all of their rainbow glory. Serious endorphins people!

In addition to the perfection of back-to-schoolness and the bargains galore lies a real treat.
FREE BOXES!!! Sure you can stroll into most stores 365 days a year and walk away with free boxes, but only now will you find an abundance of colorful, sturdy treasures that are designed to hold classroom items. Most have minimal markings on them and are ideal for housing notebooks, folders or even your guided reading sets in your classroom.

Be respectful about it. I do my best to impersonate a Target / Walmart worker as I condense stray composition books into one box so that I may become the proud owner of the boxes they were scattered into.

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