No Sew Curtains: My Classroom Makeover

I don't sew.

It's as simple as that.

My mother and my sister are able to create wonders with a needle and thread.

I've been known to duct tape the hem on a pair of pants. Lucky for me, I'm tall enough that most pants are already short and don't need hemming.

However, girlfriend here known how to work a stapler and a pair of scissors and that was all that was needed to make me a pair of curtains.
I began with twin flat sheets from Walmart. They are cheap and the colors are plentiful.
I measured the length from the ceiling to where wanted them to fall.

Next, I measured that same distance on the sheet from the already sewn edge and cut it.

A staple here. A staple there. I had me a set of curtains to add charm and reduce glare.

I choose to alternate colors. Actually my class voted on it and they wanted alternating colors. I love it too though.

Because they are not hanging on a rod or sewn in any way they lacked a "finished look."
I grabbed some bulletin board border that was left over and stapled that at the top.

That's it. Easy-peasy!!

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