Shoot For the Moon Writing Project.

Earlier today I showed off my Krissy Venosdale inspired bulletin board. I spent a good chunk of today creating a new writing project kit to go with it and just uploaded it to my store.

It includes the following. There are two different graphic organizers to help students brainstorm ideas, select a topic and plan their writing. One guides them to write about their own dreams or goals. The other focuses on why they are a "star." I've included four pages for their published writing project. One has primary ruled lines with a headline, midline and baseline. The other is ruled for intermediate writers. Each has a top page and a second page with stars at the top if needed. There are bright, colorful printables and greyline reproducibles included. They feature Thistlegirl Designs clipart. I can't wait for school to start so that I can jump in with this activity. I am going to display them around the board, but they would also make a wonderful classbook or a nice addition to a writing portfolio. Click here to purchase this product.

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