Student Display Areas - my classroom makeover

I included a picture of my board when I wrote about
Student Work Display Boards during my Setting Up the Classroom Series. However, since I received some requests and questions about the board yesterday after posting my basket labels, I figured I would elaborate on it.
I have a narrow bulletin board along one wall in my classroom. I used solid color cardstock alternated with black and white patternedscrapbook paper to create a checkerboard effect. I ended up overlapping the papers instead of cutting them. Truth be told it was out of laziness as I didn't feel like cutting, but I do like the staggered look.
Next, I attached a black number cutout that I bought in a package at Dollar Tree. I printed my students names in text boxes with bold borders and stapled those on as well. That's about it.
When school starts I plan to take a photo of each of my friends, print them in black and white and attach them to their square with photocorners.
I assign a number to each student and we use those numbers to make things more efficient in class. I use the number to label supplies, pencils, etc. The students write their number in the top right hand corner of all assignments which makes alphabetizing them a quick and simple task that then saves me time recording grades and returning their work to their student mailboxes (since those are also in number order).
This board makes a great resource as we all learn each which number associates with which friend. As the year progresses, I use the space to display student writing. I often make photocopies of their writing on a reduced size setting to fit the space.

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