TAKING ATTENDANCE classroom Management Series

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I actually take attendance on my own silently. As the students are getting settled, I go down my class list and visually verify that all of the children are accounted for and submit my attendance online. This allows me to quickly and accurately get the information to the front office. If you teach a primary grade you may want to create an attendance chart to help teach responsibility and name recognition, but I wouldn’t rely on it for record keeping purposes.

Because my friends are unaware that I do this behind the scenes, we "take attendance" as a class at the start of morning meeting. To do so I use a "question of the day." The kids LOVE this activity. It actually goes quite quickly, but it's a way to get everyone contributing right from the start.

I composed 180 questions so that I would have one for each morning. I've organized them all into a Question of the Day Kit (which I just listed on Teachers Pay Teachers for $3.50). The kids get so into this though and start wanting to write their own questions and are so honored when I use one of theirs. The kit includes all of the questions with boxes to check them off as you use them. It also includes a sign to display when you post your Daily Question and printables for the students to record their ideas on.

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Want more ideas on how to take attendance? Abby over at The Inspired Apple also posted about this same topic today and included a photo timeline of the evolution of her attendance taking. Her board for this year is nothing short of amazing.


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