Transition Signals: Classroom Management Series

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Today's post will endorse an idea that has been around forever.

An idea that has gained popularity because of the Daily 5 book.
An idea that is so simple, yet so wonderful at the same time.

Today I am "chiming in" on wind chimes. I have a whole bag of classroom management tricks up my sleeve (as I'm sure you do too) but this is just a great thing to add to your repertoire of attention seeking methods.

Because, don't we all seek a little attention now and then?

I don't like to use any one method in class all the time. In fact, I have different signals and phrases to signify different things. I do the usual share of clapping patterns. I've been known to shout out, "1-2-3 eyes on me" and wait for my little charges to chorally respond, "1-2 eyes on you." In desperation, I resort to the old "turn out the lights" method. But, for today I want to tell you about the benefits of the wind chime.
It's lovely and it's soothing.

I use it to signal that it is time to clean up an activity and join me in our whole group area (which btw, I ALWAYS assign seats for and you should too). When I swat the chimes the procedure is to become silent, put away whatever was being worked on and quickly transition to the group area. I don't need to talk over people. I don't need to state 50 bazillion times that it is time to clean-up. If someone needs further direction, the classroom is silent and I can speak in my normal tone to instruct them. The thing I love most about the chimes is that they sound lingers before it fades so it isn't a signal that will be missed.

Now is the best time to purchase a set of windchimes too. Stores like Lowe's, Home Depot and garden/pool specialty shops are beginning to wrap up the season and these typically get marked down.

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