Categories & Scattergories

A little bit of "categories"...a little bit of "scattergories."

We did both today.

It was really pure coincidence, but I like when things flow like that.

We're studying data and graphing in math. Ultimately the kiddos will need to sort data into categories, pose a question, and create a visual to represent their findings.

I know, right?

It's a lot for their little 8 year old brains to grasp. Ultimately it clicks, but I always find the "forming categories" to be the most challenging part. We had a breakthrough moment today when I related the concept to sections of the grocery store (produce, canned goods, meats, freezer). Wish I thought of that one sooner.

This afternoon I debuted Scattergories as our Word Study Activity.

So. Much. Fun!
I'm really focusing on Word Study as opposed to just "spelling" this year and have been designing some games and activities to go with it. I wanted to come up with some materials that could be used week after week by simply changing out the word patterns. My hope was that they would become familiar with the directions which would make the activities more efficient and beneficial to them.

Scattergories was a huge hit...with them and me. We worked with the CVCe pattern (better known as "Magic E"). The students were give a pattern (i.e. "-ate" or "-ice) and had several minutes to brainstorm as many words as they could think of that included the pattern.

The goal was to include words that nobody else had listed.

After the time period ended, I manned the chart paper and began taking words from volunteers.

A child would say a word.

I would write it on the chart and ask, "Does anyone else have that word on their list?".

If other students had also written the word down on the chart paper they would give the silent "me too" signal in response.

If the word is on more than one students' paper then they would draw a line through it. If a child was the only one to think of the word he would circle it and I added a star on the chart next to the word.

I was impressed with the words they came up with and we had a great time building our lists.

Here's a peek at some of the other games and activities in my Word Study Centers kit. On Friday I am going to break out the Follow the Yellow Brick Word Study Road game. If only I had ruby red slippers for it's unveiling.

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