Turning of the Calendar

What a bizarre October it has been. You would think that since I have lived my entire life (save for two glorious years in which I had the privilege of calling myself a Floridian) in New England, weather wouldn't phase me. Yet, I can say that October 2011 found me both at the beach on an almost 90 degree day and shoveling my driveway on a 19 degree morning...with the appropriate sprinkling of pumpkin patch and apple orchard fun in the middle. I'm still shaking my head.

Although the calendar won't officially turn to November until Tuesday, I'm getting a jump start and rolling out my new November products today. I'll feature each individually as I complete them with my friends so you can see pictures of how they played out in my classroom.

Truth be told I would love to turn the calendar today and skip tomorrow entirely because let's face it, Halloween on a Monday is just a cruel joke to play on teachers everywhere. But, I digress.

I'm still putting the finishing touches on my super-awesome-can't-wait-to-use-it-with-my-kids Pilgrims and Wampanoag Project. It will be uploaded by Wednesday at the latest. I love teaching that unit. I also have a few more "Thanksgiving-ish" projects in the works.

Here's what's new for November. All of the items are under $4.00. Click on the individual links below or on the "My Products" button on the right.

How to Cook a Turkey ~ A Class Book or Individual Writing Project

Turkey in Disguise - This one makes a great homework assignment / Family Project. It can also be used in class.

Favorite Thanksgiving Day Foods - Graphing and Writing Activities

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