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I promised you a FREEBIE yesterday and I am here to deliver.

The two key ideas in the Clutter-Free Classroom Guide is that you can't organize clutter and the less you have the less you need to manage.

Simple enough.

Except it's not.

Purging is challenging. We get attached to our stuff. We think we might need it. I get it.

To make the process a bit more enjoyable (not to mention fancy), I've made you a gift.

I created labels reading, "keep, give away, recycle, and trash."

Sure you can write those words on bins and boxes.

But this is way more fun.

Plus they can be attached to a bunch of different containers and reused over and over.

I got even fancier by attaching a little scrap of patterned paper to my clothespins.

And then I glued the tags onto the clip.

It looks all fancy pants, but it literally took me about 10 minutes total to print, mount, and trim the labels and then to add the scrapbook paper and label to the clip.

Here's why I like them:
  • Your eyes get used to seeing the different colors on the tags which makes sorting faster.
  • They'll make you take your task more serious which means you'll get rid of more clutter.
  • They allow you to reuse your storage containers and makes them more flexible.
  • You can clip them onto a variety of containers.

Like copy paper boxes.

And milk crates.

And plastic shoeboxes.

Oh and laundry baskets. We can't forget laundry baskets.

To snag these labels and a whole bunch of other freebies...Click here.
It's listed under the FREEBIES!

Question of the Day: Do you have an item in your classroom that you anticipate will be challenging to purge, but yet you realize it's just taking up valuable space?

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