Large Sorting Bins

In preparation for decluttering, you'll need to get some containers for the purging process. These will be used for holding everything that is in transition, as well as the items you are going to be keeping as you sort. Just don't go labeling them yet. I have a FREEBIE planned for you tomorrow that will assist in that very task.

The cheapest option is to snag copy paper boxes. While this isn't an awful choice, it isn't ideal.
  • The benefit is that they are free and easy to come by.
  • They are also sturdy and can be stacked on top of each other (to a point).

  • The reason I don't like these is because they don't fit into each other and therefore take up a larger amount of space when not in use.
  • They don't hold "too much" stuff.
  • Also, you can't see what is inside without opening them.
You're going to want to get some boxes for the items you are donating or giving away so grab some if you can. You just might want to consider other options for your sorting bins.

Organizing is an ongoing process so you want to find bins that can be reused as you continue to purge and even maintain.

I have a set at home and a set at school and I use them fairly regularly. I like to feel like I'm organized when I'm organizing and having the same bins that I can reuse over and over sets the stage for a job that becomes a habit.

I recommend one of the following two options:

They’re great because they stack into each other and don’t take up a lot of space when not in use. They’re designed for carrying things so they are easy to move around. They’re cheap (about $4.00 at Walmart). You can reuse them in other ways when you are done.

I love a clear tub. Here's why:
  • They stack into one another when not in use {stack the lids on top}.
  • You can easily see what is inside.
  • They are sturdy.
  • You'll always have a use for them.
  • You can put the lids on and stack them on top of each other. This is especially handy if you are taking on the act of decluttering while school is in session. You can sort and purge as time allows and when the kids come in for class, they can neatly be closed and stacked out of the way. This let's you pick up where you left off without interfering with your teaching.

Start thinking about your bins. Depending on your intentions, you'll need a bin for each of the following:
  • keep
  • give away (to friends / colleagues)
  • donate (to organizations)
  • sell (if you are inclined to take this on...I'll be posting more about this next week)
  • trash (you'll use a trash can for this)
  • recycle (you'll use a recycling bin for this)
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