Make a Plan {and an apron} to Declutter Tip #3

I hope you've warned the clutter that you're coming after it soon.

Until then, we are continuing to prepare to be Clutter-Busters.

Today I'm focusing on gathering the tools and supplies to kick it all to the curb...literally.

We've already acquired sorting bins. You'll need just a few more things in order to be efficient in the purge:
  • boxes
  • trash bags
  • cleaning products (nothing too crazy...just some windex and rags will do)
  • Postits
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • ziplocs (varying sizes)
  • notebook or clipboard
Although it is tempting to stock up on cute storage containers, we're going to wait until we do the following before hitting the stores (or repurposing).

  • remove all unwanted items
  • inventory what remains
  • decide where it will be most effective to store your items
  • measure the space

Don't worry. I'll walk you through this in more detail at the start of next week.

That's where the measuring tape and notebook come into play. You'll be makng a list and taking measurements as you go along.

Want to make the task more fun?

Why not whip up a cute apron to hold your decluttering tools.
Flying your organizational freak flag with a snazzy apron will be both practical and fun. Home Depot sells small aprons for under a $1.00 that are perfect for this task. You can make it super snazzy with some fabric and fabric glue.

I'm simple like that. Remember, I made curtains with a glue gun.

Fill it with your tape measure, a pencil, a small notebook, and your own list of rules to refer to.

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