Make a Plan to Declutter Tip #1

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Have you ever picked the trash?

I have.

I'm not talking about diving into dumpsters, but I have picked my own trash.

I'll explain.

Many moons ago I bought a dress at Express.

It was CAPITAL A - Adorable.

My roommate and I would do rock, paper, scissors to see who would get to wear it out each weekend.

And despite my clutter-busting ways, it has survived five moves in two different states and countless closet purges.

I tell myself, "It doesn't fit. It's probably out of style. You'll never wear it."

I gingerly place it in my discards pile (aka the trash).

And then I pull it out and put it back in my closet.

Where I don't wear it and I go through the same process again 6 months later.

The point to my story is that if you don't get it out of your classroom immediately, it will continue to be clutter down the road.

By having a plan you'll be able to quickly decide that you no longer need something, toss it into the appropriate box and pass it along to it's final destination.

So as we prepare to purge (next week btw), you'll need to decide where all of that stuff in your classroom is going to go to when it leaves the shelves, closets and drawers it has been calling home.

Because it IS going to leave your classroom. :)

Basically you have the following options:
  • trash
  • recycling
  • sell
  • donate
  • giveaway
Think about friends and colleagues who may be able to use the things you don't want.

Is there a student teacher at your school?

Is there a local teaching college?

Selling your unwanted goods can be quite profitable. It can also be quite time consuming.

And it runs the risk of simply moving the clutter to your house where it will reside indefinitely.

The bottom line it that you are going to be decluttering and purging and as you do so you'll need to escort the casualties out the door. We're going with the "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" philosophy. It doesn't matter where it all goes as long as it gets out of your classroom.

So...what do you think you'll do with the stuff you no longer need, want or use? I'm going to post this on my Facebook Fan Page this week too to make it easier to chat about. Feel free to respond here or there (or both).

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