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Based on the number of my Emergency Sub Plans that are being downloaded between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. each day lately, I'm inferring that I am not the only one living in "the house of sick." Between my own annoying illness and kids that keep getting sent home from school with varying symptoms this has been a whirlwind week of treks to the pediatrician, my primary care and sleepless nights.


And let's not forget that Monday was a National Holiday.

I did manage to make a cameo appearance at school for a couple of days and we were able to complete our "I Am" Biography Projects. Each of my friends will soon be doing this activity using a famous person, but we started with people they knew very well.


We tend to do a lot of "Get to Know You" Activities early in the year. Those are great. But, there is something special about working on autobiography projects once you've established a relationship and trust with your students. They really open up to you through their writing and you are able to see them in a different light.

We started by brainstorming ideas using the graphic organizer on the left. The direction was to record anything that popped into their minds. Next, we used highlighters to select one idea from each category to complete the draft page prompts shown in the middle. Finally, I edited with them and they wrote their final copies.

Those were glued onto half-sheets of posterboard. We drew thought bubbles around them and they watercolored a self portrait. Everything is more fun with watercolors.

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