Oh Canada!

The Me on the Map Packet is one of my most popular products. You can find my original blog post describing the
activity and see pictures of my bulletin boards here. I recently received a message from one of my neighbor's to the North requesting that I create a "province" card to use in place of the "state" card in my Me on the Map Packet.

I happily obliged and added a supplement as a FREEBIE. You'll find it on my downloads page.

Happy Saturday! My class had so much fun with our Martin Luther King projects this week that for the first time ever, I received "Happy MLK Cards" from my kiddos and they all offered up hugs and wished me a Happy Martin Luther King Day as they were leaving on Friday. Too cute! I don't think I've ever received MLK cards before. I might have to let Hallmark know there is a market for them.

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