SMILE: Teeth Writing Resources

A 25 page resource kit to was created to be used by teachers in grades K-5. The materials were designed to make modifications easy within your classroom.

It is available for only $3.95.

This detailed packet includes everything you need to complete a quality writing lesson and display the finished products as bulletin boards or class books.

I made the pages versatile so you can use them for many different prompts or activities.

The video below will show you a close-up look at everything that is included and provide you with a detailed overview of the product.

Included in this kit you will find the following teeth-themed items:
  • a 5 detail web to organize writing
  • a 3 detail web to organize writing
  • a multi-paragraph web to organize writing
  • a traditional web to organize writing
  • primary-ruled draft paper
  • intermediate-ruled draft paper
  • primary-ruled final product paper
  • intermediate-ruled final product paper
  • a "Can / Have / Are" Tree Map graphic organizer
  • headings for a Schema Map / Anchor Chart
  • 2 pages of photos and ideas for your finished products
  • 4 colorful 8.5x11 printables to use as class book covers or bulletin board titlesa thematic phonemic awareness activity to keep your students engaged while you edit drafts
  • tooth-shaped writing paper
  • primary-ruled thematic paper with space for an illustration
  • intermediate-ruled thematic paper with space for an illustration

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