Teacher Work Area~ Clutter-Free Classroom Project: Week #4 Challenge

If you are just joining us, you'll want to start here.
Last week we purged. To clarify, this should be an ongoing process and not something you feel the need to bang out all at once. Feel free to link up to last week's linky as you go along.

And now it's time to start getting organized. Woot! Woot!

This week's challenge is going to focus on the"Teacher's Desk."

Oh, you noticed I put that in quotes? That's because I am a big advocate for trading in your desk for a teacher table or another less intrusive space.

This is my teacher table. While I still have my desk in my classroom (mainly because there is nowhere to store it at school), I use this as my work area instead of my desk. Since I also use it to teach the majority of my lessons, it has to stay clean.


Whatever space in your classroom that you call your home (or your base, or your nest, or your office, or whatever) is what we'll focus on this week.

Create a clutter-free organized workspace for yourself. Once again, baby steps are fine. At the very least strive for a Clutter-Free desktop and create systems for helping you keep it that way.




Don't worry. I've planned some daily tips for the week to help you out.

I'm even planning a few projects for myself that I've been meaning to get to.

Take a good look at your current work surface. How does it rate? Are you a piler or a filer? What do you use your work area for? What type of change would you benefit from.

  • PURGE! I can't say this enough. You don't need 12 pens at your disposal.
  • Look for other options for the items that currently reside on your desktop.
  • Go vertical. Do you have wall space around your desk that you could use?
  • Get magnetic. Use magnetic locker bins (available at the Dollar Store) to hold supplies under the desk.

Last year, I came to the realization that just about everything in my desk was a duplicate of the supplies that I had available to the students in the writing area.

So I merged the two and was able to eliminate the majority of things in/on my desk.

On Friday, I'll put up the Linky Party related to this week's Clutter-Free Classroom PROJECT. The Linky will be ongoing and you can always jump in and link up at anytime. If you don't have a blog you can respond to the prompt in the comment section on Friday's post. Below is this week's prompt. Keep these questions in mind as you take your pictures:

Feel free to use one or all of the following:

Show us photos of your "teacher area."
  • Write about what you like about it.
  • How you would like to change it?
  • What changes did you make to it as part of the Clutter-Free PROJECT Challenge.
  • What tips can you share to help others have a clear work-surface?classroom organization tips classroom organization ideas classroom organization supplies classroom storage classroom management classroom arrangement classroom organization skills organization ideas for the classroom organization ideas for teachers organization ideas for elementary classrooms decluttering a classroom declutter classroom before pictureskindergarten first grade second grade third grade fourth grade fifth grade sixth grade preschool 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade 6th grade time management, professional organizer, ways to get organized, organizing products, helping kids get organized, organizing teachers, the organized classroom, tips for getting organized tips for classroom organization storage manipulatives school supplies, how to organize a teacher's desk, organized teacher desk, how to clean a teacher desk, teacher desk, organized teacher desk tips, tips for organizing a teacher desk.

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