Tips for A Clear Desktop

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The challenge for this week is The Teacher Workspace. When you walk into your classroom and look at your desk how do you feel? How do you think others perceive it?

Reasons for Keeping a Clean Desk
  • A clean workspace will improve efficiency.
  • It will present an organized, professional image.
  • Having systems to maintain your space daily helps protect confidential data and student information.
  • It will make you more relaxed and less stressed.

How to Declutter a Desk:

I’ve shared my Rules for Decluttering your classroom. Keep those in mind, but we need to add in a few more when it comes to your desk.

Could you store the items elsewhere? I keep the majority of mine in a supply area / writing center that is shared with the students. Here are a few other ideas I found that would work.
I've seen this project duplicated a few times, but I'm pretty sure Rebecca Rojas' is the original.
I loved it when she first posted it last summer.

This was meant to be a teacher gift, but you could certainly craft your own supply box.

This could hang inside a closet.

Is the item readily available in the teacher supply closet? If there isn’t a shortage of staples, paper clips or whiteout in your building then you don’t need to be hoarding them in your classroom.

What does this item say about you? How much joy does it bring you? The space on your desk is limited. Don’t waste it with random tchotchkes that are perceived as clutter to others. Instead select one thing that really makes you happy and treat yourself. Perhaps a decorative lamp, a gorgeous frame or a vase of fresh cut flowers. Plan to have one item as a splurge. Compare other items to this when deciding their value.

Use your small sorting bins to quickly purge the unwanted items on your desktop and in your drawers.

Clean the Area:
Wipe down the surface and all the nooks and crannies within the drawers.

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