Whooooo Loves Owls

Is it just me or does anyone else find it comical that owls are trendy? I mean, in reality they aren't exactly the most adorable little critters. I suppose a snowy owl has a level of cuteness to it, but overall eating mice and lurking in the darkness is kind of creepy in my opinion.

And don't get me started on the whole owl pellet thing.


However, it's the fact that society has deemed pink and purple owls to be cute and trendy combined with the fact that they swallow small rodents and regurgitate their bones that makes them the perfect creatures to focus on for a minilesson or a whole unit.

-a primary brainstorming page to collect ideas
-an intermediate brainstorming page to collect ideas
-a 3 detail web to organize writing
-2 single detail web to organize simple paragraph writing
-primary-ruled draft paper
-intermediate-ruled draft paper
-primary-ruled final product paper
-intermediate-ruled final product paper
-a simple sentence activity page with space to illustrate for our -youngest learners

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