Writing Made Easy - Thematic Packets for February and March

Confession: Writing is my absolute most favorite subject to teach.

It must be contagious, because I also feel like it is my students' favorite subject to take part in.
I had posted about my Writer's Idea Banks earlier this school year. They have continued to be a remarkable tool in keeping the momentum going during free writing time. Winter has brought us a great deal of indoor recesses and I'm finding my friends opting to use their writer's notebooks as a recess choice. I love that.

While we work with a variety of focus skills, traits and writing products, I try to keep my format consistent as they go through the writing process.
  • They always start with a brainstorming activity.
  • Next they create a top-down web to organize their ideas.
  • They write a draft which is edited by themselves, a peer, and myself.
  • Ultimately, they put their final copy onto paper and we create a "craftivity" to showcase their work.

Following this format has allowed us to accomplish A LOT. I'm amazed at the amount of finished products we've been able to display.

In an attempt to stay several steps ahead of myself (because otherwise I will quickly fall behind) I have designed all of my thematic writing materials for the months of February and March. I initially uploaded each to my store as individual units, but am excited to announce that I have also made them available as a SIX-PACKET-BUNDLE!!

Each of the packets contains:
  • a brainstorm page
  • 4 webs (traditional and 3 top-down webs)
  • 2 draft pages (primary-ruled and intermediate-ruled)
  • 2 final copy pages (primary-ruled and intermediate-ruled)
  • 2 writing pages with a space for illustrations/photographs
  • 4 full-color, full-page printables to use as bulletin board titles or class book covers
It will normally retail for a bit more, but I'm debuting it for only $10.00. That comes out to less than $2.00 a packet. Included in the bundle you'll find the following themes:

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