Gone Are the Days

I am a theme queen.

I had a classroom theme long before they were the thing to do.

Don't get me started on my obsession with planning kids birthday parties. I have my little ones' birthday themes planned from now until they are 38.

I SO miss thematic teaching. Sure, I fit the occasional themey-type thing in here and there, but my days of taking down the big ole' tub of "ocean stuff" ended years ago.

I dug all around my hard drive for some pictures of my thematic unit storage. Nothing.

I poked around cyber space. Very little.

As a purger, I got rid of most of my thematic materials. However, I used to love my system for storing them. I would scrounge up copy paper boxes (sturdy, uniform, stackable and free...love, love, love and LOVE). I would then cover them in paper so that they matched and label them with the name of the theme. Inside would house all of my plans and original copies, bulletin board borders (because I changed them ALL monthly...I was so young and energetic back then), thematic books and the rest of the stuff that went with it. It really worked for me and I highly suggest it if you are still lucky enough to teach thematically.

Because you'll only be accessing these items once a year it is best to store them out of the way and save valuable storage real estate for items you need to get at more often.

Below are some ideas for storing your thematic materials. I can't wait to see how y'all store yours.

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