Multiples on the Hundred Chart

Prior to “memorizing” multiplication facts, it is important for students to comprehend the relationship between skip counting, repeated addition, and multiplication. This activity provides your students with a multi-sensory approach to understanding those concepts.

In my classroom, I have the students highlight their own individual charts and make observations using them. As a whole class, we also mark the multiples together and record our observations about each chart. I then use their words and ideas to create resource charts that anchor their learning.

Admittedly, I was completely blown away this year when their predictions included things like, "33% of the chart is shaded." Ummm...why yes it is.

I put all of the materials I use with this lesson together in a packet.
Included in this packet you’ll find the following:

11 Highlighted Multiples Charts (2-12) to display in your classroom as a resource.

A black-lined master for students to highlight and record their own observations
(I make these into individual books and use the one we create together as a class book).

A book cover for the student books.

A blank hundred chart.


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