Awesome Resource!

I borrowed my principal's copy of the PRIM which stands for
I've seen the book at student study meetings. I knew it existed. It was my understanding that it offered tips and suggestions for specific student concerns. But, I never paid it much attention.

What I didn't realize was how amazingly awesome it was.

It's such a well-organized (which always makes my heart flutter) resource.

It has a table of contents with 12 categories listed (i.e. Mathematical Calculations, Speaking, Writing, Group Behavior, Motivation, etc). There are 219 specific learning and/or behavior problems that a student may exhibit listed under these categories with a page number to turn to. Upon doing so, you are presented with 15-30 intervention strategies to try.

I find this book so simple to navigate and the suggestions are easy to understand.

I had asked to borrow the book because I've been scratching my head about one of my student's spelling and wanted to see if there was anything in here that I hadn't thought of.

Well, I can't put this book down. I just keep thinking about each student, the goals I've set for them and any concerns I may have and then look up strategies that I can try.

I went to amazon to grab the picture about and provide you with a link. I was shocked to see how pricey it is ($59.99). I do think it's an amazing resource though. I would really suggest talking to your principal about getting a copy for you building for teacher's to access and share. It ties in so well with RTI.

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