Earth Day - Going Green - Recycling: My town has implemented some new rules to increase recycling and it is trickling into our school which is great. I created a writing packet.

Like all of my other writing packets it includes 15 printable pages to use with your K-5 learners. There are differentiated pages for each web, draft, and final copy which makes the project very easy for you to modify to meet the needs of all your students. I always use a combination of the different pages within my room.

This would tie in nicely with my Lorax Writing Project and Bulletin Board as it relates to protecting our resources.

I'll be using this packet to have my students write a persuasive piece about recycling. It would also be great for informational writing or process writing. Have your students explain how to recycle a specific item (jar, cereal box, etc.)

  • Use recyclable materials (such as newspaper or cardboard) as your background and create a border by hot glueing actual items (cans, cereal boxes, paper, milk cartons) around the edge.
  • Take a photo of each student holding a recycling bin and display it with their writing.
  • Take a photo of each student wearing green and display it with their writing. You could either ask them to wear green to school or else purchase a Tshirt from a local craft store and have them put it on for the photo. Use a bright green Tshirt and a piece of dark green butcher paper or a sheet as your background.
  • Better yet...combine the two...have your students wear green and take their picture sitting in the recycling bin.

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