CFC Project Week 11: Clutter-Free Walls

If you are just joining us, you'll want to start here or check out my Clutter-Free Guide to Organizing and Managing Your Classroom.

Have you ever walked into someone's classroom and been so overwhelmed by the visual clutter on the walls that you've wondered how a child could possibly remain focused in that setting?  Have you wondered this about your own classroom?  

You'll soon be stripping down your walls in preparation for summer vacation {insert obligatory woop! woop! here} and in the blink of an eye will be setting the room up for next year. Therefore, I feel that this is the perfect time to analyze what your walls currently look like and create a vision as you plan for the fall.

Analyze your current displays and the overall appearance of the classroom walls.  Determine if:

  • they appear cohesive
  • they are beneficial to student learning
  • it is easy for students to locate resources that are available
  • they compliment the look of the rest of your classroom

Go outside your classroom.  Shut the door.  Reenter as if you are entering for the first time.  Look around the room at all four walls.  Examine each display.  Sit in spaces where students work and do the same.  Ask others to assess the visual aspect of the walls. Take pictures  or video and look at those.  Decide what works.  Think about some changes you can make for next year.

Each day this week I'll be posting tips, ideas and pictures for making your classroom displays be visually appealing and purposeful and offering tips for making changes for the fall.

If you haven't already downloaded my complete list of tips and ideas for ending the school year, please go check it out. It covers just about everything you'll need and has links to free printables as well.

On Friday, I'll put up the Linky Party related to the Clutter-Free Classroom PROJECT. The Linky will be ongoing and you can always jump in and link up at anytime. You don't have to have participated in the other weekly projects to take part. It's a great way to drive traffic to your own blog and share your ideas with others. Below are this week's prompt topics. 

  • Show us your walls.  Post pictures of your current 4 walls.

  • Show us the one wall display you couldn't live without.  Explain why.

  • Write about how you plan to change things up for next year.  Feel free to include pictures you've found online or pinned for inspiration.
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