Classroom Walls - Tip 1

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This week we're focusing on your classroom walls. Today I want to talk about covering the walls.  However, I must first post a disclaimer.  Many schools have fire codes.  Know yours.  Personally, I think it's a bit silly that a building filled with graph paper, construction paper, primary-ruled paper, intermediate-ruled paper, drawing paper, etc limits the amount of wall space that can be covered, but I digress.

Covering your walls is a great way to bring the room together and to hide any unsightly chips, yucky colored paint and institution-feeling cinderblock walls.

When it comes to covering classroom walls, I simply must direct you to the fabulous Cara Carroll. Her floor to ceiling displays are so dramatic and appealing. Below is one photo from her blog.  You definitely need to hop on over and see the rest of her room. Gorgeous!

{photo source}
Below are some other pictures for inspiration on how you might cover a large space.

{photo source}

{photo source}

Covering wall space allows you to create displays in different areas.

{blue word wall photo source}
{map photo source}

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