Let's Take Another Field Trip

WooHoo! Another school vacation week and another trip to sunny Florida...as long as I get on my plane this time. Since my virtual vacation was so popular during my last trip I'm doing it again this time. Pack your bags for a magical journey.

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They say getting there is half the fun so I thought I would feature my Field Trip Packet since today is a travel day for us AND because we are knee deep in field trip season at schools nationwide...which can be cause for hives.

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I'm rerunning the post below for those who missed it the first time.

As a first year teacher I lost my voice 4 times. FOUR!

I've lost it annually since then. The good news is that it's Saturday and I don't have to teach on mute.

The better news is that I didn't lose my voice on the day of our field trip. THAT would have been a challenge.

Oh, that's right. I haven't told you about our field trip yet. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 30. My jaw is still on the floor from the amazingness that was my class on the road. They truly impressed me with their behavior, their level of respect, their inquiry, and what they took away from the day. They really took advantage of the opportunity and used the world as their classroom.

It makes me want to go all Mrs. Frizzle and spend the rest of the year teaching them on a brightly colored bus as we travel around seeking knowledge.

It also inspired me to finally complete the Field Trip Organization Kit that I started last spring and to create a "How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a Flawless Field Trip" blog series to go along with it. The series will debut after the New Year.

There is a learning curve with field trips. I still get hives when I think about my first outing. For those of you are new, I began my teaching career in Florida. I actually headed south for grad school. The classes were designed for teachers and therefore didn't begin until 4 PM. I decided that I should sub or try to get a job as a classroom aide since my days were free. It was then that I discovered that unlike the northeast, teaching jobs were plentiful down there (at the time) and was immediately offered my choice of teaching assignments. I accepted a second grade classroom at a neighborhood school and started in October.

And was then told that all of the second grade classes would be going on a field trip.

The following week!!!!

If that wasn't overwhelming enough, the destination was Sea World.

I was a brand new teacher trying to muddle my way through the learning curve of classroom management within the confines of my portable, and suddenly I was forced to take 25 seven year olds that I had known for less than two weeks to a super-crowded theme park.

Let's just analyze the highlights of what went wrong:

I wasn't organized in collecting the money. The day of the trip came and I was missing payment from four students. Since I had no way of knowing which students hadn't paid, I paid. Trips to Sea World aren't cheap and I was already sustaining myself of Kraft Mac and Cheese and Raman Noodles. I certainly didn't have any extra money lying around to sponsor students seeing Shamu.

Not everyone had cell phones at the time. Not that it mattered because, let's face it, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to ask them for their cell number anyhow. But since I didn't think to type up an organized itinerary and make my expectations clear, I ended up with a rogue chaperone who made our departure so late that we didn't get back to school until well after dismissal.

I assumed that the students would be bringing their own. I found out after the kids went home the day before the trip that was not the case. We were supposed to submit a form to the cafeteria for bagged lunches. It was too late to do so at that point. And so I created an assembly line of PB and Js in my small apartment kitchen. You read that right. I packed 25 brown bag lunches. These days you can't even give kids peanut butter, much less an entire lunch, but back in the day this newbie had no choice. Lesson learned.

I could go on and on, but I'll save the dramatic tales of chasing kids around in soaking wet clothes (Shamu splash zone anyone?), forgetting sunblock (I forgot lunches, what makes you think I would remember to coat myself in spf 50?) and getting lost (who needs a park map?).

But now, I am oh-so-experienced and I rock a field trip like a pro!

And you can too. :) check out my new Field Trip Planning Guide and Printables in my TPT Store.

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