More on Math Manipulative Storage

Now where were we...

Oh, that's right.

Math Manipulative Storage.

Sorry about the hiatus. I hope that the delay in wrapping up the math storage focus of the Clutter-Free Classroom Project means your manipulatives are oh-so-organized right about now. I couldn't resist sharing another picture of Mrs. Bond's classroom with you because I love these drawers.

I've sung their praises before, but I can't say it enough. They really are awesome.

I use them for my emergency sub plans.

I use them for some of my math workshop materials.

However, I really think they are great for storing math manipulatives because:
  • They slide out all the way so your friends can take them to a work area
  • They are clear and clear is good
  • They are easy to label
  • They are relatively inexpensive...not free...not cheap...but, not too bad. Definitely worth the investment.

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