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{classroom clock labels}

I used to keep a digital clock next to my sign out sheet to make things easier for my little friends. 
And then I realized that signing out was a great real-world opportunity for practicing time telling skills.  
Except they didn’t all know how to tell time. I find this problem increases each year as we become more and more digital.  I started labeling my classroom clock with 5 minute intervals 5 classrooms ago.  I recently checked each of my former classrooms and was delighted to see that my labels were still hanging around the clock. 
And then I shuddered a bit at how primative they looked.

Ironically, the teacher who had my current classroom before me had asked if she could copy my labels and so my current clock came “pre-labeled.” For whatever reason (probably laziness and a fear that I would come crashing to the floor if I scaled a desk or table to hang new numbers), I left them there.
But they bugged me.
They didn’t “match” the rest of my classroom style and so I made them over this year.
I created two different printables (circles and frames) because I was on the fence about which I wanted to use. I printed them both out to “try them on.” Ultimtely, I decided I liked the frames the best. I copied them onto 3 different pieces of colored cardstock, cut them out and attached them around the clock. Three colors seemed to make sense to me. You could do more or less.  I’m thinking about making some Cricut letters to read, “Time to Learn,” but want to look at them like they are for a bit.
I find that these are used very often by my students and help to bridge them to mastery of telling time. I notice they also refer to them for tasks that require skip counting by 5s and love that they make them connection.

Click here to purchase / download my Classroom Clock Label Packet

This packet includes:

4 different options designed to be printed onto your choice of colored cardstock to save you ink and match any classroom theme or color scheme.

SET 1: Small Outlined Frames
SET 2: Circular Double-Mounted
SET 3: Larger Outlined Frames
SET 4: Larger Blacklined Frames

These could also be used as a math center or craft/craftivty by creating paper plate clocks and having the students use the images from this document to label the outside.

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