Classroom 360 is a complete tour of my classroom as designed for the 2012-2013 school year. Each post highlights an aspect of my room with photos, a detailed explanation of it's purpose, and often times videos.

This is a fantastic solution for those of you who may have ratty, beat up desks that you want to fix up. For me it was more about being matchy-matchy. I love matchy-matchy.

I’ve mentioned a time or two thousand that I don’t love on the color red. Sure it’s the color of love and yes it looks great with my dark hair and pastey Irish complexion, but it clashes with my otherwise perfectly color-coordinated classroom and therefore me no likey. 
So you can only imagine my feelings towards red desks. 
The thought of spray painting them had crossed my mind...briefly. But that would mean taping them to paint them. And it would be permanent. I quickly realized I could eliminate a step and simply tape them.
I actually only have a couple desks and decided Duck tape would be the perfect solution. I had fallen in love with a damask pattern I had seen online, but couldn’t find it in any of my local stores. 

I opted instead for a solid aqua and was very pleased with the results. It peels off easily and a little vegetable oil or vinegar will easily take care of the stick residue if I want to change it out in the future. After all was said and done I realized I could have also used colored painters tape. So if you are thinking about making over some desks, or a filing cabinet, or anything else for that matter you may want to go that route.

SIDENOTE: Duck Tape is the name brand for the fun pattern / colorful Duct Tape maker. You can do a google search for either to find lots of fun options. I went back and forth on which spelling to use for the post, but ultimately decided to go with the brand I used.

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