My 2012-2013 Classroom Intro {CLASSROOM 360}

Oh my!

I have never before been finished with a room so early in the summer. We are so lucky because while the cleaning crew will move everything off the floor to clean the rugs (translation: pile it in a heap), the walls are left untouched. There will be a tech team coming in to mount and install my smartboard so I didn't mess around too much with the area where it will hang, but I am otherwise good to go.

And more importantly, I am ready to share all of the nooks and crannies of my room with all of you.

I actually sat in the middle of the room on Friday with my trusty notebook in hand and jotted down each and every aspect of what was on the walls so that I could detail it all out in blog posts. Because there needs to be a rhyme and reason to it, I've decided to simply go counterclockwise from top to bottom and detail each component in words and pictures. I've snapped a bazillion pictures and filmed a ton of video.

Below is a  map of my classroom which outlines each of the things I will be blogging about as part of my classroom reveal series...I'm calling it "Classroom 360." A new component will be unveiled in a post each morning.

I'm doing it counter-clockwise so the posts will follow this map from right to left.

I'm kicking off the series today by posting about my "classroom makeover supplies."

Which I should subtitle, "Step Away from the Teacher Store!"

I did buy some black borders, a classroom calendar and a cursive and manuscript alphabet from a teacher store, but other than that I sought out items that allowed me to personalize and customize my classroom. It's really easy to create an environment that is fun and inviting without using tons of store bought posters and decor.

Here are my favorite tools and supplies that were used in the makeover:

RIBBON: The colors and patterns are endless. It can be bought super-cheap. It adds fabulousness and a finishing touch to EVERYTHING! 

SCRAPBOOK PAPER: If you are using a color scheme or classroom theme then scrapbook paper will be your BFF. I personally super heart the 12 x 12 scrap pads. This one is my favorite. You'll see traces of it everywhere in my room and it totally compliments my current most favorite products: My Blackline Designs

FABRIC...or more specifically BED SHEETS: Fabric has long since been the only thing I back my bulletin boards with. I used to buy yards and yards and yards of it.  Now, I will only buy bed sheets. Not only are they much cheaper, but they come in really fun bold colors (especially as the college kids get ready to head to the dorms) AND bonus...they often come with a pillowcase, which I use in the classroom on standard pillows. The kids love grabbing a pillow to read with on the floor. 

SPRAY PAINT: Again-cheap and easy.  The options of colors are amazing. You'll find any color you want and can quickly transform Dollar Store treasures into custom-matched pieces for your room.

STICKERS: I have and use a Cricut, but actually prefer fun, colorful stickers since they are easier to use and are already, well, sticky.

TISSUE PAPER: Again I must sing the praises of color and texture.  Target is my favorite tissue paper buying spot.

Next up: Hand Signals {tomorrow}

Followed by: My Clock Makeover {Tuesday}

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