Sneak Peek at my Classroom Makeover

After much (way too much) debate, I have decided to go with the Bright and Cheerful classroom.

I was so torn between that and the Clouds and Sun, but ultimately decided that since hubby and I recently redid the master bedroom in grey and yellow it would be better to mix it up during the day.

As you'll soon see, I also worked in plenty of black, grey, and yellow.

I have been super busy (and having way too much fun) getting started on "Classroom Makeover 2012."

I am planning to add in some owls.

The kids asked me what my theme was going to be for next year.

I told them "Pinterest."

They didn't get it.

I still have over a week left and can't wait to share my progress with you.  Here's a sneak peek of my new floor to ceiling board.

Oh, the endless possibilities of that big blank slate!!!

Happy Weekend Friends!

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