Classroom 360 is a complete tour of my classroom as designed for the 2012-2013 school year. Each post highlights an aspect of my room with photos, a detailed explanation of it's purpose, and often times videos.

I had just about finished this wall, but I felt like something was missing. 

My classroom has amazingly high ceilings which is great because it makes the room brighter and the room feels bigger than it actually is. The downside is that it feels like a lot of wasted space and often looks “barren” at the top as opposed to the rest of the room. Since it is high, I don’t want to place resources that need to be accessed by the students in that space. I think those should be at their eye level. 

So as a simple solution to the problems of wasted space, not enough display areas, and wanting to make the classroom feel personalized, I created a backdrop for somethings that I’ll leave up all year long once the kids arrive. 

My plan is to snap a candid shot of each student within the first few weeks and print it in black and white onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper with their names on it. This will provide a resource for students to spell their classmates names (since I tend to use numbers on most things) AND will look gorgeous on the black backdrop. I had done something similar for Open House a few years ago and loved the look of the candid black and whites.  Another thought is that I may have them watercolor a self-portrait (I always include that in my back-to-school plans) and hang those in that space. Time will tell.

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