Classroom 360 is a complete tour of my classroom as designed for the 2012-2013 school year. Each post highlights an aspect of my room with photos, a detailed explanation of it's purpose, and often times videos. Be sure to check out all the other posts.

FYI: TpT is still experiencing some "quirks" because of the updates they are doing. I tried throughout the day to upload today's FLASH FREEBIE...without success.  I ended up taking a poll on my Facebook Fan Page on if I should post the tip and show you the freebie now or wait until the file was uploaded. The majority voted to wait. So wait it is. I'll post it as soon as I can.

But for now I have another peek into my 2012-2013 classroom.
{These schedule cards can be accessed and downloaded here.}

This is my new and improved classroom schedule display for next year.

I love using a pocket chart because it is oh-so-easy to switch the activities around. I hung it a bit lower than normal so that my kiddos can be in charge of changing it up each afternoon. I left a bit of space to the left of each schedule card. My plan is to place small colored cards that can be flipped over as we complete an activity. I think this will help some of my friends who always want to know "What's next?" and "When's lunch?" 

And since I'm having a love affair with all things ribbon, I of course added a ribbon border to the pocket chart.

The cards are part of my Blackline Design Classroom Decor Bundle. I was going to copy them onto cardstock (as is the intent of that product line), but this board is already so colorful that I thought it best to "ground it" with some black and white.

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