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TEACHER TIP of the DAY #1:
I realize that today’s tip is not an earth shattering idea. Many teachers assign a number to each student already. However, since several of my upcoming tips involve using the students numbers in addition to or in place of their names to aid classroom management, I figured it made sense to include this tip (and printable) to start off my summer of tips and freebies.
Before working in my current district, I taught in an inner-city school with a very transient population of learners. My class list in September always looked different from my class list in June. That was when I started to assign a number to each student. At that time I did so to avoid needing to relabel cubbies, supply boxes, etc whenever a student would leave and a new one would arrive.  There were still plenty of places in the room where their names were displayed, but this certainly made things easier.
My current position has very little turnover during the year, but I still use and LOVE a number system. I assign the numbers based on alphabetical order. I have a display in my classroom that includes each students’ name, number and a photo. This allows for quick reference and is used by both myself and my students. I use the numbers to label the “non-personal” areas in my classroom so that I don’t need to relabel EVERYTHING every summer. I obviously use their names on nametags, lockers, work display boards, etc. but the mundane things get numbers.
I teach the students to “count off” early in the year. The first child says, “1.” The next child says, “2”. This continues until we get to the end of the roster. This allows me to quickly take attendance at fire drills and on field trips without a list.  
Using numbers provides me with my own personal “shorthand” for writing anecdotal notes and for planning small group work. I often write, “work w/ 3, 6, 8 and 19 on subtraction strategy.”
I also like using numbers because it increases confidentiality. Granted these numbers are not top secret code, but I like that my behavior chart doesn’t have students names glaring at you.

This printable includes 3 different sets of circular number cards (#s 1-36). They are part of my Blackline Design Product Collection {which I'm totally in love with btw). Use them to label cubbies, portfolios, binders, etc. They would also be great as calendar pieces or as a sequencing math center.


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