It doesn't matter if you teacher Preschool or Middle School, when a kid's birthday rolls around it's a big deal to them. In most places the days of bringing in cupcakes to share with the class are over with, but it is nice to acknowledge their special day in a small way.

First, decide what you want to do in your classroom to celebrate birthdays. Some ideas include a special song, making that student the helper of the day, or creating a class book. Some teachers pass out crowns, others have stickers, others get by with a smile and a "Happy Birthday."

What you don't want to be doing is scrambling around just as the bell is about to ring because you forget that one of your little cherubs happened to have been born on that day. So my suggestion is to prepare during the summer for a year's worth of birthdays.

If you plan to present each child with a small "gift" you can streamline the process by preparing each student's trinket at the same time.

I think it is best to keep it simple and keep the cost low to you. Kids are thrilled with a birthday homework pass. You can add in a card and a bookmark as a bonus.

Before school starts print, copy and cut out all of the materials. Sign the cards and place each students materials into a paper lunch sack that is still flat. Decorate the outside of the bags with markers or stickers. Label each with a student's name and place them in chronological order. I store all of these in a birthday gift bag {as seen in the photo above}.

When a student's birthday arrives, simply pull out the bag, open it up (so it's no longer flat) and either staple the top or tie it with a ribbon. Good to go!

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