I recently posted about how I created designated spaces in my classroom to display all of the anchor charts I make with my students. I had used ribbon to create an additional border around each chart.
Today I wanted to share another idea with you that will make your charts extra fancy with little effort.
Simply add a border of tape around all four edges of your chart or poster. 
  • It will define them.
  • It will make them pop and stand out from their background.
  • It will give them a finished look.
  • It will give a splash of color.
  • It will take any ordinary chart and instantly make it match your classroom theme or color scheme.

And Oh.My.Gosh. the options are ENDLESS!
My most popular thematic packet has always been my Jungle / Safari Classroom Decor Packet {with my Camping Decor Packets  and Beach Decor Packets next in line}. If you are doing a jungle theme then you are in luck because there are so many animal print tapes available. 
For those of you doing a Hollywood Theme or if you just like to bring out your inner diva, might I suggest some glitter tape. The kids would go nuts for that!

If you aren’t doing a classroom theme, but are instead focusing on pulling your classroom together with a color scheme there are options out there for just about any color under the sun.

All of these items can be found at craft stores where you can score some decent discounts. Have fun and be creative!
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