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One of my goals for this school year was to create a motivating learning environment that encouraged creativity. I had made the melted crayon art with my son over the summer and added the word “create” using wooden letters. I had used the paint cans with the “spilling paint” at his birthday party and repurposed them in the classroom as a bright accent to the bulletin board. I had some space above it along with some small easels I had purchased at Dollar Tree and decided they would be a perfect addition. I was going to use motivational quotes, but since they would be small and the space is higher than I would normally display things for the students I decided that single words would be a good option. 

I selected 6 words that I wanted to be a part of my classroom. It will be a good reminder for me to see them daily as well.
  • believe
  • dream
  • create
  • imagine
  • inquire
  • strive

I created a free printable packet in case you wanted to use them too. These would make a great mobile if you hung them back to back or accents for open spaces on shelves if framed.

I printed them onto white card stock, but have also included a blackline master in my free printable. You can use them to print or copy onto any color or scrapbook paper.

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