I do love Target at any time of year, but the back to school section has a special place in my heart.

While I glare at it with bitter eyes in early July because it is way too soon to be thinking about going back, my excitement increases as the summer progresses.

In addition to those perfectly pointy Crayolas and gorgeous speckled composition books there lies hidden treasures.


Not just any boxes...sturdy, colorful boxes that are designed to house notebooks and other related supplies.

They are also perfect for organizing your classroom (especially the shelves).

And they are FREE!

I simply condense the straggling folders and notebooks into one box and ask really sweetly for the (now) empty ones.

Put a label over the writing and you have some awesome new storage tools.

Today's freebie is a treat for my middle school and high school friends (I didn't realize there were so many of you reading along until y'all started posting on my Facebook Fan Page). So for request...I've created "period labels" for student work boxes.

Since I'm so out of touch with high school (unless watching Glee counts), I made periods 1-8. I have no idea if it is too many or too few. Let me know. :)  I added the printables to my original packet for student work baskets/bins.

If you didn't have a chance to grab them then you can snag them now. Here's the original post.

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