How I Manage Reader's Workshop

I am so excited to share my READer's Workshop Rotation Board with you. My Math Workshop Rotation Board is my #2 selling product {and has a 4.0 rating with close to 500 votes}. I found it to be so successful in my classroom, that I created a similar format for structuring my reading block.

I divide my class into 4 groups and they rotate throughout the workshop. Like my MATH board, I created this to follow the word READ as an acronym.

R: Reader Response

E: Enjoy a Book

A: At your Seat
D: Discuss the Text

This format allows my to fully integrate our reading curriculum with guided reading, 1:1 conferences, self-selected reading and activities and projects. I love knowing that I can differentiate based on ability and meet the individual needs of my learners while providing them all with worthwhile activities throughout the entire reading block.

(I use Treasures, but any program could be used with this system...or you could use it to do your own thing as well)

Included in the printable packet are the rotation cards, title, group numbers and pocket job titles. Each card/image can be customized to any color you want by printing onto colored paper to meet your needs.

{Click here to access and download My READer's Workshop Rotation Board Packet}


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