My Top 10 Favorites List

Yesterday I announced that I was throwing a sale in conjunction with the 10% discount that Teachers Pay Teachers is offering. Be sure to check out that post to find out the easiest ways to see all my products at a glance and find what you are looking for.

Today I wanted to share my TOP 10 MOST FAVORITE products.

#1 Emergency Sub Plan Kit: This has saved my butt on a few occasions and the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.

#2 Math Workshop Rotations: This product has forever changed the way I teach math and has truly been one of the most beneficial things I've implemented into my classroom. I have a colorful/cute clipart version available and popular demand...I have a second version available to coordinate with my Blackline Design Collection.

#3 Spelling Centers and Activities to Use with Any Word List: Talk about a lot of bang for your buck! These centers can be used over and over. I love that I can differentiate word lists for specific students, yet they can all complete the same activity. They also rock for homework or as sub plans.

#4 Genres Posters and Activities Kit: I have used this at the start of the year for 3-4 years now and it has been a fun and interactive way to teach the genres. The kids use the skills learned from this kit throughout the year.

#5 Family Dinner Conversation Starters: OMG! This product has resulted in the kindest, most appreciative reviews and comments from the families who received them. I was so proud to produce a product that provided families with a way to connect and teachers with a cost-effective holiday gift that will be cherished for a long time. Check out the reviews on the product page too.

#6 Mystery Reader Kit: Mystery Reader is a fantastic (yet oh-so-easy) way to include families in your classroom. This kit provides everything you need to be organized in the process. Your students and their parents will love this.

#7 Biography Activities to Use When Studying Anyone: Literally ANYONE! I designed this product because I needed to teach historical biographies in social studies. But then I found myself using them again and again and again in other subject areas. The students complete them at the start of the year as "autobiography" activities as part of out 'getting to know each other' phase. We use them when we do author studies. We use them to write about scientists who were influential in the content we are studying. We use them with each social studies unit. MLK day. Yep! Dr. Seuss' birthday? Yeppers! Like I said, we use them a lot.

#8 Writer's Idea Bank: This one gets categorized in the "Why the heck didn't I do this years ago?" file.
You know how kids will say, "I don't know what to write about?" Not any more. We use these the first day of school as we kick off writer's workshop. There are a bunch of categories and each child brainstorms things to fit in each box. They add to it throughout the year and cross things off as they write about them. There is always an idea handy. I have not heard a single child say, "I have nothing to write" in 3 years. 

#9 Spider Research Writing Project: This is like most of my writing packets with a little extra in terms of research. It's a favorite of mine for a few reasons. We do it in October so they buy right into the spider concept because they have Halloween on the brain. We read Charlotte's Web and it ties in nicely and enhances the reading. It is a great introduction to my writing packets and to research in general. I feel that my students always springboard off of this and gain momentum for the year.

#10 Animal Research Writing Packets: Seriously...animal research always turns reluctant readers and disinterested writers into avid researchers and authors. This packet is simple to use, is differentiated and can be used time and time again by selecting different animals. It is such a worthwhile independent activity for those early finishers. It provides just enough guidance that they can do it on their own.

This was a tricky task because I truly only wanted to feature the items that I would really and truly miss if I didn't use them in my classroom again this year. I managed to scale it back to about 19.

So to make it simple, I crossed out the "holiday themed" products because while I totally heart these, they are seasonal.

The first three were top-selling products on TPT last fall. However, I did want to mention them because this is the only sale that I have scheduled between now and the end of the calendar year. Two are family projects that I have the students complete at home, but they could also be done in class.  

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