Oh my! This has been a long time coming. I am getting set to debut a whole new line of products: Common Core Classroom Decor and More! 

I feel like I've been working on them forever and that has actually been such a good thing for me.

It was really important for me to take my time with this process so that I would have a comprehensive understanding of the standards for my grade level and also each of the grades before mine. And now my head is spinning with ideas for lessons and activities to teach all those standards!

I'm hoping to get the rest of my "works in progress" uploaded throughout the week and will blog about them next Saturday, but for now I have three ready to roll.

They are Student Common Core Checklists for Math: first grade, second grade and third grade.

Because I have a son in second grade who loves math, I've had the opportunity to use each of these products this summer.  He finished first grade in June, but since we had not yet adopted the CCSS, I wanted to make sure he mastered all of the new first grade standards. And since I would definitely say that math is his "academic strength," I went ahead with the 2nd and 3rd grade packets to track his abilities and target areas we can work on at home.

Each of the three packets was designed so that teachers, students and parents can understand what is expected. They are worded in kid-friendly language. I included a cover that can be colored which will help provide ownership. I designed them as black and white documents to save you ink and enable you to print and copy them at school. Each also includes a section for the teacher to make notes about the student's progress with a standard OR you could have the students use that area as a reflection/area to record questions. Finally, there is a framed page with a blank center that coordinates with the packet. I plan to use copies of those for students to show mastery of the standards in pictures, work and words.

As I explained in the overview of my new weekly schedule last week, when I debut my new products each Saturday they will debut on sale. So all three of these packets is currently available at 20% off.

{click here to access and download the FIRST Grade Student Checklist: Common Core Math}

{click here to access and download the SECOND Grade Student Checklist: Common Core Math}
{click here to access and download the THIRD Grade Student Checklist: Common Core Math}

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