This is what my classroom looked like on the first day of school.

At 6:38 a.m. on the first day of school to be exact. Hubby and I ran over quick to drop off the flowers, the desk chair and some freshly spray painted frames that you'll read about in a future blog post.

I completely failed to take pictures of the entire side of the wall that is behind me in this photo. I just added that to my morning to do list (on a post-it of course) and will add it to this collection next week. I also don't have a mega photo-dump to do because we only had 3 half-days of school this week. The pictures I did take all involve my friends using the first day play dough, writing about the 1st day of school, exploring math manipluatives as practice for Math Workshop which will begin this week, and learning about our procedures and routines. We also did a lot of activities from my Back-to-School packet along with my Judy Moody activities. But, since I don't post photos of actual students I really don't have many pictures to share.

But what I lack in quantity I make up for in quantity because these pictures are special.

They are special because they are INTERACTIVE!!  How cool is that?

Just mouse over each picture and you'll find lots of links that will take you blog posts with detailed pictures and descriptions (and sometimes even free downloads).

Welcome to my "Clutter-Free Classroom..."

The weekly Snapshots on a Sunday weekly review and linky parties will begin next Sunday after I've had a solid week of real teaching under my belt with lots to share. Be sure to take some great pictures this week so you can link up on the 16th and show us what you've been up to in your rooms. Happy Teaching Friends!

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