I do not have a green thumb.

In fact, I don't "do nature" as a general rule.

But, I love the splash of color and touch of home that plants and flowers provide. This is a great time of year to add them to your classroom because its "mums season" and they are cheap, colorful and hardy.
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I made a quick run to Home Depot the day before school started. I bought a potted mum for each table, cheapo plastic pots and a can of grey spray paint.

The total cost was less than $15.00.

I gave each of the pots 2 quick coats of paint. I did this so they would better coordinate with my classroom colors and look a bit more customized than the typical fake terra cotta that they once were. 

I love the color.

I love the unexpected pop of color.

I love the opportunity for responsibility that watering the flowers provides to the students.

Because if it were up to me, history has proven that they would be wilted and dead in a week.

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