The Elusive Black Pocket Chart {Q&A Monday}

It may sound silly, but one of my all time FAQs has been, "Where did you get your black pocket charts?" And when I say Frequently Asked I mean a few emails every single day. This picture from this post tends to get pinned a lot so me thinks that is where the question often originates.

If any of the bigwig teacher supply manufacturers out there are reading this, there is money to be made in black pocket charts. It seems like everyone wants one (or 8) of them.

Here's the sad, sad tale. I bought them a few years (actually if I remember correctly it was the year I came back from maternity leave so circa 2006) in the Target Dollar Spot. I know, right? A DOLLAR!!!! 

I did search the world over.

Well, I searched the internet anyhow.

Here's the best I could come up with for you...

Mardell's has a black pocket chart, for holding file folders. Not quite what y'all have been looking for, but it's nice.

I also found a tutorial for a "DIY Pocket Chart" if you feel like getting your craft on.

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