We're knee deep into our data unit.

I've been busy, busy, busy teaching them how to create scaled bar graphs. I once again tapped into their "We're Giddy for Halloween Energy" and made a packet of activities that would provide some hands on practice for sorting, categorizing, creating bar graphs and creating picture graphs.

I had my friends sort picture cards into categories and create bar graphs and picture graphs. They were great as Math Workshop stations and my early finishers have been asking to do them as a choice activity so that made me happy.

{click to access and download: Halloween Data Activities}

{click to access and download: Halloween Data Activities}
{click to access and download: Halloween Data Activities}
I noticed that a few friends still needed practice with labeling the x axis/categories so I made some task cards to give them a bit more reinforcement and to anchor the concept.

It was a big hit today. They asked me to make them more. I think that's a good sign.

I just put them up in my store as a FREEBIE so feel free to use them with your kiddos as well. They meet Common Core Standards for grades 1-3 {1.MD.C.4, 2.MD.D.10, and 3.MD.B.3}, but could be used as a vocabulary activity or for extra practice with other grade levels as well.

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