FREEBIE: How to Manage and Track Self-Selected Reading in the Classroom

While I absolutely love this routine, I do find that some of my friends need some accountability for their reading. I had toyed with the idea of reader responses, but I truly wanted this time of day to be about reading for enjoyment from a book that they picked out themselves. So I implemented a status check-in at the end of each session. 

{Click to access and download: Reader Status Logs}

To do this, I print a copy of the printable for each student in my class, three-hole punch the stack and insert them into a pronged folder. When it’s time to transition to our first activity of the day, I flip through the pages and record the book and page # that each of my friends is on. I teach third and they are typically reading chapter books over several days so I just make those little quote marks underneath.  There is a section for notes. I don’t typically write in that area unless there is something “noteworthy” to report (i.e. student met with me for a reading conference, was in the bathroom during this time, appeared to be daydreaming, etc). At the end of the month, I remove them from the folder and put each into the individual student sections of my ELA Notes Binder.

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