How I Made Nouns Fun...

When I mention the word "science" in my classroom, 22 little faces all light up with excitement. I accidentally left a bag of bolts on a shelf in their view the other day and when I was asked what they were for and casually replied, "we'll be using them in science later this week" the room went nuts! They spent the entire day trying to get more details out of me and demanding to know the specific date and time they would be using them.

In all my years of teaching, I have never seen joyous excitement like that when I teach grammar. 

I mean it's grammar. How much fun can it be?

And not for nothing, but I know my colleagues down there in grades K-2 have told them about nouns and verbs and adjectives before and yet my 3rd graders always insist it is the first they have heard of such a thing.

So this year I have set out on a mission to make grammar more memorable and engaging.  I am a realist and I understand that they will probably never hoot and holler for adverbs the way they will for magnets and electricity, but I'm pretty darn excited about what I've been coming up with.

Oh, and there was actually lots of hoots and hollers and begging for more when I did one of the activities in this pack so take that science!

{Click to access and download: Nouns-Project Based Activities, Crafts and a Game}

{Click to access and download: Nouns-Project Based Activities, Crafts and a Game}

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