A Pre-Vacation Ditty for Teachers :)

For those of you who jumpstarted the winter break already...I'm jealous. 
For the rest of us who will head into the classroom tomorrow morning for one final, crazy, sugar-plums-dancing-in-their-heads kind of day before the vacation begins, I bring you a catchy little ditty.

December in an Elementary School
( Sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Children scream, we're not listening
these crazy days, you won't miss em',
In all of this pain, you try to stay sane,
December in an elementary school.

Christmas comes, we're excited,
Though your nerves, we've ignited,
We're off of the walls; we run in the halls,
December in an elementary school.

In the lunchroom you can hear us yellin'
And you know that we are really wound.
Someone hits, another says, "I'm tellin'!"
And that is when your heads begin to pound.

Pretty soon you'll be restin'
Cause your nerves, we've been testin'
You're happy it's clear,
It just comes once a year
December in an Elementary School!

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